National Launch

Frog Creek Partners Launches Nationally to Protect US Watersheds With Gutter Bin® Technology

Helping 40 Million US Storm Drains Catch 11.5 Billion Pounds of Pollution Per Year

Casper, Wyoming – May 1st, 2019 – Frog Creek Partners, inventor of the Gutter Bin® stormwater filtration system, today announces the Company’s national launch to support major coast-to-coast stormwater pollution capture initiatives from California’s Trash Amendments to the EPA’s east coast efforts in the Chesapeake Bay watershed. Invented by president and founder Brian Deurloo in 2016, the Gutter Bin stormwater filtration system has been successfully ridding regional cities like Denver, Colorado (Platte watershed), Sheridan, Wyoming (Yellowstone River Watershed) and Long Beach, California of thousands of pounds of pollution. The Gutter Bin® captures pollution from flowing stormwater with a removable patent pending Mundus Bag™ filter that is easily cleaned, maintained and weighed to provide measurable and quantifiable results at the storm drain.

“As a former multinational manager of coal and oil operations, it is extremely rewarding to come full circle to help our nation’s cities and watersheds by creating innovative products that capture water pollution resulting in cleaner rivers and oceans,” said Frog Creek Partners President and Founder Brian Deurloo. “We’ve proven that the right technology paired with the right partnerships can accelerate Clean Water Act initiatives. Municipalities are moving towards the Gutter Bin® because it is an easy solution to a hard problem and corporations are seeking tangible means to deploy capital that creates a positive difference to the quality of our environment. We do what we do because clean water is a good thing.”

“The City of Sheridan first started using Gutter Bins in mid-2016 because of a sediment TMDL in Big Goose Creek,” stated Lane Thompson, Public Works Director for the City of Sheridan. “We have since expanded the project in cooperation with the USEPA and Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality. The Gutter Bins and service provided by Frog Creek Partners is working very well to catch pollution before it makes its way to our critically important watersheds.”

Public Private Partnerships for Clean Water

Frog Creek Partners lives up to its partnership namesake providing a pay-it-forward opportunity for philanthropic and environmentally conscious organizations to protect local watersheds by sponsoring Gutter Bin® projects. The Greenway Foundation of Denver is an example of a green water partnership that offsets costs of stormwater pollution mitigation to municipalities. Frog Creek Partners customizes the Gutter Bin® to create functional street art and corporate branding opportunities in exchange for sponsorship.

“The Greenway Foundation has been working since 1974 to restore and revitalize the South Platte River watershed and stormwater pollution has been one of our greatest challenges,” said Devon Buckels, Director of The Water Connection initiative of The Greenway Foundation. “Every year, local non-governmental organizations and the Flood Control District spend $1.5 million removing trash from the South Platte River by hand, one piece at a time. Much of that trash finds its way to our waterways through Denver’s storm drains. We’re thrilled to tap into this innovative technology from Frog Creek Partners to capture and remove the pollution before it reaches our waterways.”

The Patent Pending Gutter Bin® and Mundus Bag™

  • Easily installed in new or existing catch basins. Large adjustable overflow allows water to bypass even if the filter is full. Meets HS-20 load standards (16,000 lb. design load) for heavy traffic.
  • Mundus Bag can be configured to capture 100% trash/gross pollutants and cigarette butts, up to 99% sediment and hydrocarbons, and up to 90% heavy metal capture in certain conditions.
  • The system is easily maintained through FCP’s Clean and Measure Pollution (CAMP) Service, municipal staff, or outsourced completely – filters cleaned/replaced, detailed reporting, and proper pollution disposal.
  • Other stormwater pollution removal devices can be difficult to maintain, cause flooding, unable to measure pollution, require vacuum truck to clean, more expensive, larger footprint.

Water Pollution Challenges

About Frog Creek Partners

Frog Creek Partners is an environmental technology company whose mission is to keep pollution out of the nation’s watersheds. With the patent pending Gutter Bin® stormwater filtration system, pollutants are filtered out of stormwater thereby improving the health of our rivers and oceans – Because Clean Water is a Good Thing™.  For more information, visit Frog Creek Partners on the web.