Colorado Springs Clean Water



Get your mind into the gutter…

We Challenge You

GE Johnson, WSP USA, Terra Verde Boutique, Rotary Club of Colorado Springs and the city of Colorado Springs, together with Frog Creek Partners, issues a challenge to the Colorado Springs community to protect Fountain Creek by sponsoring Gutter Bins

What Are We Doing?

We’re installing the Gutter Bin® stormwater filtration system around the community. The Gutter Bin operates like a coffee filter for storm drains – trapping pollution before it has a chance to flow into the closest stream, river, lake or ocean. Periodically, Gutter Bins are cleaned – diverting pollution to the landfill, not the environment. On average, each Gutter Bin will capture about 300 pounds of pollution each year based on results from the city of Colorado Springs.

Why Are We Doing It?

Stormwater pollution is the single greatest source of water pollution today.  Every time it rains, stormwater washes the filth on our streets directly to local waterways. The vast majority of stormwater isn’t treated or filtered. It simply drains to the closest body of water along with all of the trash, sediment, heavy metals and oils and greases it picks up along the way. Gutter Bins stops that from happening.

Sponsor Your Gutter Bins

Call or email us today to purchase and donate your own Gutter Bins to your town. Frog Creek Partners makes it easy for community leaders, businesses and organizations to take part in keeping our water clean. Do you know of a polluted storm drain in our area? Contact us and we’ll take it from there. 

Routine maintenance will be done by the customer, the municipality the city of Colorado Springs. Your sponsored Gutter Bin(s) will work hard each and every day for years to keep our water clean and healthy.

Put Your Name in the Gutter

Seriously, we’re not kidding. Gutter Bins have service lives of 25 years and have multiple branding opportunities including customized grate hatches and stainless steel badges.

Contact Us

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