The Clean Water Challenge is a combination of advanced technology, community engagement, environmental stewardship, and local impact – making it a compelling to stop stormwater pollution and improve water quality in our community.

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What is the Gutter Bin?

Frog Creek Partners’ Gutter Bin stormwater filtration system removes pollution from storm drains making cleaner rivers and oceans. Frog Creek Partners’ customer base includes municipalities and governments, as well as corporate and industrial stakeholders seeking to improve local water quality.

Gutter Bins can be sponsored by civic minded organizations, people and companies. We memorialize your sponsorship by customizing a Gutter Bin with your logo and brand colors and place it in a highly visible location in Colorado Springs. Please see below examples of some of the sponsored Gutter Bins around town.

The average Gutter Bin in Colorado Springs keeps 200 pounds of pollution from reaching Fountain Creek each year

Why Are We Doing It?

Stormwater pollution is the single greatest source of water pollution today.  Every time it rains, stormwater washes the filth on our streets directly to local waterways. The vast majority of stormwater isn’t treated or filtered. It simply drains to the closest body of water along with all of the trash, sediment, heavy metals and oils and greases it picks up along the way. Gutter Bins stops that from happening.

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