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the most versatile and attractive stormwater filtration system in the galaxy

The patent pending Gutter Bin is a stormwater filtration system that removes pollution from flowing water in storm drain that results in cleaner rivers and oceans.

An adjustable funnel system directs polluted water into the patent pending Mundus Bag® water filter.


Our largest overflow on the market allows high flow events to bypass the filter system. In a matter of seconds, a soiled Mundus Bag can be removed from the Gutter Bin, weighed, and discarded/recycled. A new Mundus Bag simply drops into the Gutter Bin for continued stormwater filtration.

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4 trillion cigarette butts are littered each year

1 cigarette butt can kill 5 out of 10 fish in 4 days


The Gutter Bin captures an average of 205 pounds of pollution per year per storm inlet

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“We’re thrilled to tap into this innovative technology from Frog Creek Partners to capture and remove the pollution before it reaches our waterways.” DEVON BUCKELS

Director, The Water Connection initiative of The Greenway Foundation

“The Gutter Bins and service provided by Frog Creek Partners is working very well to catch pollution before it makes its way to our critically important watersheds.” LANE THOMPSON

Public Works Director, City of Sheridan

“I love polluted water. The filthier the better!”


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