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4 trillion cigarette butts are littered each year.
1 butt kills 5 of 10 fish in a liter of water.
The Gutter Bin™ filters:
heavy metals
Tell us about a storm sewer that needs a Gutter Bin™

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Frog Creek Partners is an environmental technology company that specializes in stormwater filtration and pollution measurement services. Our flagship product is the patent pending Gutter Bin™ stormwater filtration system. It is the most easily maintained and attractive stormwater filter on the market. Because regulatory compliance is important, our unique products are designed to measure pollution captured from stormwater.
pounds of pollution removed

the most comprehensive and affordable stormwater filtration system on the market today

The patent pending Gutter Bin™ is a stormwater filtration system that removes pollution from flowing water in a drop inlet or curb inlet. An adjustable funnel system directs polluted water into the Mundus Bag ™ filter media. An adjustable overflow allows high flow events to bypass the filter system. In a matter of seconds, a soiled Mundus Bag™ can be removed from the Gutter Bin™, weighed, and discarded/recycled. A new Mundus Bag™ simply drops into the filter hanger for continued stormwater filtration.

It Works

Filters pollutants

It's Cost Effective

I know right?!

No Worries

Service and Reporting

And Darn Pretty!

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we’re solving the most pressing of problems

Stormwater pollution is one of the leading causes of water pollution in many towns and cities. Municipalities, developers and institutions have very few options to mitigate the damage of stormwater pollution – until now.

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