Clean & Measure Pollution Service (CAMP Service©)

we do it all for you

We don’t stop once the Gutter Bins are installed. Our trained and professional staff or qualified environmental service partners will clean and service them for you through our unique CAMP Service©. Servicing intervals are based on pollutant load, stormwater infrastructure capacity, and weather events. Specifically, we:

  • Empty the Gutter Bins of accumulated pollution
  • Measure and record the pollution levels (by weight)
  • Dispose of the waste according to federal and state regulations
  • Replace Mundus Bag™ filtration media
  • Service the units

saving you time and money

Our CAMP Service© is an economical solution for our customers. We take on the burden of cleaning and maintaining the units freeing up many thousands of dollars in man hours and equipment. Further, as you install more Gutter Bins the per unit CAMP Service© fees go down – reaping the benefits of economies of scale.

The frequency of your CAMP Service© schedule is also driven by need. Visits can be scheduled after storms, during periods of unusually high rainfall, or after polluting events (Mardi Gras, festivals, excavations).

and backing it up with data

Each CAMP Service© client will receive a periodic report detailing the pollution collected at each Gutter Bin location. This data provides our clients with an invaluable level of detail to pin point particular areas that are high pollution contributors.  Additionally, CAMP Service© reports can act as tool to build public awareness of the stormwater pollution problem.

At Frog Creek Parters, we believe in transparency and accountability.

how much does it cost?

contact us today and we’ll prepare a detailed investment estimate custom prepared just for you!