Mundus Bag® Water Filter

For use in our full line of Gutter Bins

*chardonnay not included

  • Rated: 100% Trash Capture Certified
  • Type: All Gutter Bin models
  • Purpose: Industrial and Municipal

The Mundus Bag Water Filter

The patented Mundus Bag water filter removes a broad spectrum of sediment, trash and hydrocarbons from stormwater. It integrates fully with the complete line of Gutter Bin stormwater filtration systems.

  • Adjustable back-flow preventer
  • Variable depth for deep or shallow catch basins
  • Integrated lifting strap for quick removal
  • UV resistant durable construction for extended field life
  • Single use and reusable models available
  • Easily weighed for measurable & quantifiable results
  • Cleaned by dumping, vac truck or bag replacement
  • To service: load Mundus Hoop, wrap anchor, ready to filter

100% Total Trash Capture – TTC 
trash & debris > 4.0 mm
High strength polypropylene net

Trash, Debris & Sediment – TDS
TSS capture
Geofabric with 0.212 particle size removal capabilities

Sediment, Hydrocarbons, Heavy Metals, & Trash – SHHT
MYCELX Performer media, MYCELX Snippets & FCP media

Vacuum Truck Friendly – VTF
trash & debris > 0.6 mm
Industrial strength polypropylene mesh

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