Eco Curb

Gutter Bin

For Type R Curb Inlets

  • Rated: 100% Trash Capture
  • Type: Type R Curb Inlets
  • Purpose: Retrofit or New Build

Eco Curb

The patent pending Eco Curb (CIF) Gutter Bin model provides unparalleled protection for curb inlet catch basins and accepts the full line of Mundus Bag filtration media.


  • Flexible design fits almost any curb inlet basin (Type R)
  • Weathering steel, stainless steel and/or plastic construction to meet local & federal regulations
  • Massive overflow meets or exceeds maximum hydraulic capacity of the catch basin
  • Removable frame for man access or TV camera access
  • Optional sampling port – can be used for vector control
  • Variable depth for deep or shallow catch basins
  • Compatible with 14 and 16 inch Mundus Bags
  • Can be used in conjunction with automatic retractable screens (ARS) and connector pipe screens (CPS)
  • Can be used as a pre-treatment solution for subterranean infiltration systems and inline systems
  • 7 year limited warranty

Service and Installation

  • Installs in 30 minutes – confined space entry may be required
  • Requires minimal drilling only
  • Can be installed by a two person team
  • Servicing performed in 2 minutes or less

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