The original Gutter Bin

will it work for me?

Made of the finest material, Gutter Bins are manufactured in the United States. Worried about compatibility with your catchment basins? We’ve got you covered – we customize the dimensions to fit your specific catch basins. Our features include:

  • Largest adjustable overflow of any drop inlet catch basin insert on the market
  • Meets HS-20 load standards (16,000 lb design load)
  • Filter flow rate focused on 1st flush
  • Sits flush with the ground so blades don’t catch it
  • Drop inlet & curb inlet retrofits & new install
  • COR-TEN weathering steel & stainless steel
  • Tare weight = measurable results
  • Minimizes risk = maximizes compliance

what does it filter?

Every stormwater systems has its own unique regulatory and compliance concerns. That’s why we made the Gutter Bin stormwater filtration system configurable around your specific needs. Based on Mundus Bag™ configuration, our tests show:

  • 100% trash/gross pollutant capture
  • 100% cigarette butt capture
  • up to 99% sediment capture by mass (TSS)
  • up to 99% hydrocarbon capture
  • up to 90% heavy metal capture (Al, Cu, Fe, Zn, Pb)

how do you maintain it?

The Gutter Bin saves our customers time and money because it is the most easily maintained stormwater inlet filter on the market. With a high regard for safety, we can train and certify your staff to service an army of Gutter Bins. Each Bin’s service interval depends upon pollutant load, stormwater infrastructure capacity, and weather events. Experience has shown that a 2 to 3 month service interval is sufficient for most environments. Replaceable Mundus Bags™ can be purchased from Frog Creek Partners with bulk order discounts. The Gutter Bin is cleaned and serviced in a matter of seconds with a weight scale and a handheld Gutter Bin tool (or lifting machine for bigger units).

Don’t feel like servicing the Bins yourself? Our Clean and Measure Pollution Service (CAMP Service) is an ongoing Gutter Bin maintenance program that offers worry-free maintenance performed by Frog Creek Partners. Specifically:

  • Filters cleaned &/or replaced
  • Detailed reports
  • Pollution disposed of properly
  • Serviced by local trained professionals
  • CAMP Service frequency determined by weather, pollution load, Gutter Bin filter type, plus other factors
  • Can be serviced at night, on the weekends, or during storms


we have both purchase and rental options available

contact us today and we’ll prepare a detailed investment estimate prepared just for you!