The Problem of Stormwater Pollution

80% of stormwater is not filtered or treated

The vast majority of stormwater flows untreated into our watersheds. The filth on the street goes directly into our rivers, lakes and oceans with the next rainstorm or snow melt. Consider:

  • 1 cigarette butt will kill 5 of 10 fish in a liter of water
  • Over 4,000,000,000,000 cigarette butts are littered annually
  • Pollution bioaccumulates in our food & water sources
  • Mass of ocean plastic estimated to outweigh the fish by year 2050
  • 28% of US stream miles are unfit for human recreation (source: EPA)
  • 29% of the Great Barrier Reef died in 2016
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existing products don’t work or are too expensive

Orange Grate Covers:

  • Temporary
  • Unsightly
  • Rarely maintained
  • Only filters gross pollutants
  • Clogs easily, causes flooding and other safety hazards

End of Pipe Pollution Traps:

  • Capital intensive
  • Real estate hog
  • Only filters gross pollutants
  • Can result in massive flooding if clogged

The difference between the orange storm grate covers and the Gutter Bin is night and day. The Gutter Bin filters pollution out of the stormwater and doesn’t cause flooding. The innovative design sells itself.

Ryan S. – Homeowner neighbor to Gutter Bin

pollution isn’t just trash

Stormwater pollution is more than just the garbage you can see. It is:

  • Sediment that clogs our waterways and kills aquatic life
  • Vegetative waste that can cause harmful algae blooms and flooding
  • Hydrocarbons deposited on roadway by vehicles
  • Heavy metals contained in sediment that is harmful to both human and aquatic life

All forms of pollution destroy our environment and cost hundreds millions of dollars each year in fines, environmental impacts, illness and remediation efforts

how much does it cost?

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