MYCELX PermaKleen Round Mesh Bag (15″x 5″) – 5 Pack


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MYCELX Permakleen storm drain inserts are composed of a proprietary combination of substrate materials infused with the patented MYCELX polymer. The result is a storm drain insert which maximizes oil and metallic particulate matter holding capacity. MYCELX Permakleen will not re-entrain captured oils, colloidal metals or other captured material over repeated storm events. All MYCELX Permakleen products are NPDES phase II compliant and able to capture and retain dispersed insoluble particles down to and including colloidal suspensions of Cu, Ni Fe, Zn, Sn, Hg and other metals. 80% of the oils in storm water are paraffinic (from the Latin parum affinis meaning of mixed affinity) resulting is dispersion or emulsification and re-entrainment of the oil upon fresh exposure to water. Oils contacting MYCELX media are instantly rendered hydrophobic causing them to adhere to the substrate and not re-entrain upon repeated rain events. Thus, MYCELX storm water runoff products are able to do the most work with the smallest footprint.

  • Pack of 5 Bags
  • Gross oil and solids removal from water
  • Permanent immobilization of the oil in the MYCELX media
  • Offer robust gross oil and solids fouling protection to pleated/depth particle filters, MYCELX oil removal cartridges and back-washable media filters
  • Deployed in storm water drain inserts and as final polishing oil removal systems when the oil removal requirement from water is greater than 40 ppm under heavy solids loading
  • Spent oily cartridge holds very little water; therefore saturated cartridge has high BTU residual fuel value due to high oil content and very low water content
  • Round: 15″ x 5″